Recital Etiquette

Recital Etiquette & Stage Entry

Please TURN OFF all cell phones! It is very disturbing to the performer to hear cell phones while they are playing.

Please DO NOT talk or get up to move around or leave during a student’s performance. If you need to leave the recital early, please wait to leave in between performances as quietly as possible. If you have a crying or talking small child, please DO get up and leave as quickly and quietly as possible.

You are welcome to videotape your child’s performance if you can find an out-of-the-way place to set up the camera. Please DO NOT take flash pictures during any student’s performance. It is very distracting and we all want the performer to do his or her best performance!

Students will report to the seat next to Regan and Keynes when the student before you is performing. When it is your turn to perform, you will put your instrument in rest position and walk to center stage to bow. Then, prepare to play and look at the pianist to see if she is ready. If she is ready, you can cue her to begin or wait for your introduction. When you finish your piece, put your violin in rest position, give the audience a big smile, and take another bow. Please then exit the stage and sit with your parents. Watch the students that perform before you to get the idea about how it all works!