Private Lessons

Flatirons Strings Academy offers violin lessons, viola lessons, and cello lessons for beginners, intermediate musicians, and advanced musicians. Whether you are just realizing you love the cello and want to get started, or you are an advanced violinist who is preparing for orchestra auditions, music competitions, or college auditions, FSA can help you to become a highly proficient and well-rounded musician. Our students come primarily from Boulder and Denver, as well as Longmont, Broomfield, Louisville, and Lafayette areas.

Our private music lessons are offered in violin, viola, and cello. One-hour private lessons are scheduled as weekly standing appointments. Most lessons are offered in afternoons and evenings Monday through Friday, although weekend music lesson times may be available with some teachers. Young beginners and intermediate students learn significantly more rapidly and correctly when parents attend the private lessons and actively participate both in the music lesson and in home practice. FSA teachers are accustomed to working with parents who do not have a musical background and are used to teaching the music lesson towards the student and the parent. The most valuable asset a parent can provide is to help their child learn how to analyze their work and learn how to focus to acheive good practice. Students should generally practice six days a week for 30-60 minute sessions depending on their age and level, although most of the more advanced and serious students practice longer than one hour. Student tend to improve consistently and get the best out of their music lessons when they set aside a regular time to do daily practice.

Flatirons Strings Academy helps our students become excellent complete musicians, not just violinists, violists, or cellists. FSA takes a holistic approach to teaching music. All aspects of music will be taught, including reading, rhythm, sound development, music theory and ear training as well as solo repertoire, chamber ensemble training, and orchestral skills so that the student becomes a complete musician. Wherever the student’s musical interests lie, FSA has a violin teacher, viola teacher or cello teacher to help the student realize his or her greatest musical ambitions!

All the faculty members at Flatirons Strings Academy are excellent musicians who are actively performing professionals as well as well-experienced instructors (please refer to our faculty page for more information). FSA faculty members perform with professional local symphonies and quartets, have published works in music journals, and have award-winning and competition-winning students (please refer to the displayed videos to see some current students).

Make sure to check out our very popular and complete summer music camp! You can choose from a variety of music classes that can solidify your techniques, introduce new ones, or you can experiment with a style of music you’ve never tried before. An intense week during the summer, while there are fewer distractions, can really give students the boost that they may need to take their playing to the next level.