Camp Faculty

Keynes Chen

Violin teacher Classical, College Preparatory, Private Lessons, Quartet Coaching, Suzuki

Yin-Feng Keynes Chen began his violin study at four, and entered Chongqing School of the Arts at the age of eleven, then the prestigious Shanghai Music Conservatory when he was thirteen…


Regan Kane

Violin teacher Classical, College Preparatory, Group Instruction, Private Lessons, Quartet Coaching, Suzuki

Regan Kane has studied the violin since the age of five when she began with the Suzuki Method. She received her Bachelor Degree in violin performance from Drake University where she received the Frank Noyes Violin Award and has won first-prize of the Drake University Young Artists Competition. She achieved a Master’s degree…


Marcelo Sanches

Cello teacher Classical, College Preparatory, Composition, Private Lessons, Quartet Coaching

Dr. Marcelo Sanches is a teacher, performer, composer and researcher. Hailing from São Paulo, Brazil, he pursued his bachelor’s degree at Oberlin College, studying cello with Peter Rejto and composition with Randolph Coleman and Richard Hoffmann…


Aniel Cabán

Viola teacher Classical, College Preparatory, Private Lessons, Quartet Coaching

Aniel Cabán began his Viola studies at the age of 8 in San Juan, Puerto Rico. He has attended world renowned summer music festivals including Interlochen Arts Camp, Meadowmount School of Music, National Repertory Orchestra (NRO), Festival Casals de Puerto Rico, The Yehudi Menuhim Chamber Music Festival and The Sarasota Music Festiva…


Katie Glassman

Violin teacher Fiddle/Jazz, Group Instruction, Private Lessons

Katie Glassman grew up as a Texas and old-time fiddler. With a passion for fiddling, the two-time National fiddle champion knew her connection with music. She continued her musical journey, exploring classical music and jazz. Katie graduated from the University of Colorado at Boulder…


Katy Buckbee, Camp Faculty

Violin teacher Classical, Fiddle/Jazz, Suzuki

Katy has been teaching violin and fiddle lessons here in her hometown of Boulder since 1998. She received her Bachelor of Arts degree in music at the University of Colorado in 2001 and studied violin pedagogy (the method and practice of teaching) with the acclaimed William Starr and became a nationally certified Suzuki violin teacher. In her studies…


Natalie Koob, Camp Faculty

Violin teacher Classical, Fiddle/Jazz

Natalie began fiddling at the age of 4, and entered her first fiddle contest at age 6. In 1997, she won the Small Fry division at the National Oldtime Fiddlers’ Contest. Since then, she has won many contests including the Montana State Fiddle Contest, and most recently the Young Adult Division at the Colorado State Fiddle Championships…


Jae Young Cosmos Lee, Camp Faculty

Violin teacher Classical, College Preparatory, Quartet Coaching

Simply put, Jae is an idealist. He is often attracted to things less conformed, be it font type, flicks, coffee beans, bands, neighborhoods or combinations of pizza toppings. A lot of people ask him where his middle name “Cosmos” comes from: He was baptized in the Catholic church (unfortunately, no longer a participating member) at age 2 along with his little brother, and as a pair they were given baptismal names of brother saints, Cosmus and Damian. When his family moved to the US, the name “Cosmus” was mistranslated into “Cosmos”, and though unintentionally changed, “Cosmos” was the version that made it onto the legal papers…


Devin Patrick Hughes, Camp Faculty

Orchestra teacher Classical, Group Instruction, Quartet Coaching

The 2014-15 Season will mark Devin Patrick Hughes’s seventh season as Music Director of the Boulder Symphony. Devin was recently appointed Music Director and Conductor of the Arapahoe Philharmonic. Recently Devin was the only American selected with eleven other conductors worldwide to compete in the Arturo Toscanini International Conducting Competition in Parma, Italy…


Deborah Marshall, Camp Faculty

Woodwinds teacher Classical, Group Instruction

The Boulder music community was indeed fortunate when Deborah Marshall moved here in 2010 to live with her husband, writer and librettist, Douglas Penick. She quickly became an active and valued member of the Front Range classical music community both as a performer and teacher of the clarinet. She has played regularly with the Intermezzo Chamber Players Denver, the Denver Eclectic Concerts and Off the Hook in Fort Collins. Her students have benefited from her extensive performing and teaching experience as well as…