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2015 C.A.M.P. Community Advance Music Project

Students who have registered for the 2015 Camp will be emailed their music by Wednesday, June 17. Emails will come from info@fsamusic.org. Some classes do NOT have music ahead of time.

Monday, July 6 – Saturday, July 11, 2015.
Please see below for 2015 camp information.

Community Advanced Music Project, A MidSummer Day's Dream Summer Music Camp

Boulder Symphony and Flatirons Strings Academy are proud to present the new Community Advance Music Project.

In summer of 2015, Boulder Symphony invites students of all ages to participate in its newly expanding summer camp program, the Community Advance Music Project (C.A.M.P.).

Partnering with Flatirons Strings Academy, Boulder Symphony’s C.A.M.P. features superstar teachers and staff who bring real world performing experience and entrepreneurial acumen to students of all ages, combining a world-class learning environment with joyful creativity and fun.

Introducing unique programs to the curriculum such as physics and music, movement and coordination, integrated composition, and intensive chamber music experience, the Community Advance Music Project provides students with tools to hone skills that will prove to be useful for any future career, in music as well as other fields.

A Midsummer Day’s Dream Music Camp

This is the main camp for violin, viola, cello, bass, and string quartet. Featuring renowned award-winning teachers including 2011 ,2014, & 2015 Colorado Fiddle Grand Champion, Katie Glassman, and Jae Young Lee from Boston’s premiere string orchestra, A Far Cry, classes include composition, music appreciation, theory, sight-reading, master classes, chamber and orchestral training, jazz, fiddle, and more. Please scroll down for class descriptions and see class schedule to choose classes.

The Young Artist Program

Sculpted for more advanced students, this program is geared towards taking young musicians to their next level and giving them real-world experience in preparation for college and more skillful playing by being a part of C.A.M.P.’s Quartet Seminar. Exclusively focused on coaching, rehearsing, and masterclass, all Young Artist members will assist and play in the Pro Arte Orchestra. Membership in pre-existing quartets are strongly recommended, however, we will assist to form a quartet group if needed.

Only formerly established quartet groups are eligible for fellowship. The Quartet Seminar offers one full tuition, merit-based Fellowship for one talented pre-existing string quartet. The Fellowship Quartet will assist in chamber music training for the camp and the Pro Arte orchestra.

The Budding Program

Is it time for your first string camp? Experience all the fun and inspiration of AMSDD in a shorter beginner class. This string camp is for students ages 4 – 8 who have never attended an all day camp before. Students will play in groups, work on performance and note reading. They will also gain exposure to music of different styles through movement. Students must be able to play all variations of Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star on violin, viola or cello.

Faculty and Student Concerts:

Friday evening, July 10th at 7pm, the camp teachers will give their own concert. Get inspired by the world-renowned talents of the faculty.

Saturday, July 11th at 2pm, all the camp students will perform in concert to showcase their progress and projects from the week.


Monday, July 6th – Saturday, July 11th

Main Camp and Quartet Seminar: 9am – 4pm daily
Budding Program: 10am – 12pm daily (students may stay for lunch)

Camp Location:

First Presbyterian Church 1820 15th St., Boulder, CO 80302

Camp Registration Deadline:

June 1, 2015. If you register after June 1, please call 303-908-6784 to confirm space availability. Please note that Early Bird discounted registration ends June 1st. Regular tuition will apply to registrations made after June 1st.

Camp Tuition:

AMSDD $565, $515 if you register before June 1, 2015
YOUNG ARTISTS PROGRAM $565, $515 if you register before June 1, 2015
BUDDING PROGRAM $350, $300 if you register before June 1, 2015

For further information or registration help please contact the Directors of Flatirons String Academy, Keynes Chen or Regan Kane at 303-908-6784.

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Camp Faculty:

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AMSDD Classes(view class schedule)


Never improvised before or take your skills to the next level? This year’s class will be based on improvising within fiddle tunes. Students will learn a) the melody of a simple tune, b) a small lesson in music theory, and c) patterns which work well over chord changes. Learn how to make a tune your own and compose/improvise a break. You will complete this class feeling more connected to your own inner creativity and with enough knowledge to play in band. (Suzuki Book 4 and above)

Fiddle the Blues

If improvising is something new to you or even intimidating, this class is a great place to start. The main focus will be on the 12-bar blues. Not only will students learn to improvise over the blues, but will also learn to accompany others playing a solo or even singing the blues. As there is some theory and tune learning involved, please bring a notebook, writing utensil, and a recorder to this class. (Suzuki Book 1-3)

Celtic Jigging

Traditional Irish music has influenced many popular styles of music today, including bluegrass and contest fiddling. You will beef up your fiddle skills all around. This class will focus on learning traditional Irish tunes, including jigs, reels, hornpipes, and slip jigs. Prepare to learn these tunes by ear, so please bring a recorder, notebook, and writing utensil to class. (Suzuki Book 1-3)

Texas Style Contest Tunes

Texas style fiddle is a rich musical and cultural tradition rooted in reels, hornpipes, waltzes, rags, polkas and western swing. Besides staying up for hours jamming tune after tune, fiddle contests have become quite a common activity. But the art of competing in a fiddle contest is more than just the tunes you know. This class will focus on playing a contest round with Texas style bowings and the traditional rhythmic feel. Students will learn a breakdown, a waltz and a tune of choice, ll necessary for a contest round. The class will be taught by ear. Be prepared to have fun! Bring a recorder. (Suzuki Book 4 and above)

Music Theory & Sight Reading

Have you ever heard of the circle of fifths or a Phrygian cadence? Welcome to music theory. This class will discuss and apply basic elements which create music-meter, scales, key signatures, intervals, and chords. Good sight reading skills will dramatically improve your practice approach, as well as assist your orchestral playing and auditioning. In this class, you will learn the necessary techniques to become a more proficient sight-reader and gain more self-confidence with new music. This class is for students 10 and up, or proficient note readers.

Music for the Movies

Create your own soundtrack! This class will watch a movie excerpt and work together to create the accompanying music and perform it. This class is for students who have studied basic theory.

Creative Music Workshop

Using improvisation and group composition, we will explore our instruments in new and exciting ways, and create an original piece of music! We will find new techniques, original melodies and rhythmic material together, making space for everyone’s creative expression. As we cultivate our group sound, our new composition will begin to take shape, culminating in an informal sharing at the end of the week. This class will be fun, explorative, and creative to players of all abilities and backgrounds.

Orchestral Excerpts

Are you auditioning for an orchestra in the fall? Are you working to make All State Orchestra this year? This class will help get you prepared, from the different techniques to focus on, to building the mental skills to perform well in an audition setting.

Note Reading

An introductory class for young beginners. Students will learn to recognize note names, time signatures, and musical symbols through academically proven and fun techniques. Strengthening your reading skills will really help you to learn music quicker and accurately. This class is for students who are in Suzuki Book 3 and below.

Master Classes

This class is a short one-on-one lesson observed by an audience. There are endless benefits to performing in front of peers and watching your peers perform. Learning to talk about and analyze music is an invaluable skill that will help students to grow into stronger performers. Please bring one or two well-prepared solo piece in order to get the most of this class. This class is for students of all levels.

Chamber Ensembles

What combines the thrill of solo playing with the challenge of multi-part collaboration? Chamber music requires detailed ensemble work but allows for each instrument to contribute substantially to the final performance. This is a class for students equivalent to Suzuki Book 2 or above.

Jam Session

Bring your fiddle, guitar, mandolin etc. Let’s learn how to jam together. Students will receive some tunes to learn in advance as well as learn a few tunes by ear. The goal of this class is to compose and perform music on the fly! Parents and siblings are welcome to attend the last class, which is a potluck jam session. Bring a recorder.

String Orchestras – Sinfonia and Pro Arte

Bring your experience and ensemble knowledge to the orchestral table and get excited to perform orchestral works at the highest level. Orchestral placement will be determined by the C.A.M.P. faculty. The Pro Arte is a chamber orchestra that will challenge all advanced students to push their technical and artistic capacity to their limits.
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